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Straight short hair is feminine, fun, and trendy.

Straight short hair is feminine, fun, and trendy. Remove 3-4 small sections of hair from the top of your forehead and let these loosely hang to frame your face.


Humorous Curly Hair Quotes.

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Gather your hair close to the base of your head, around earlobe-height. 3. The accident was a really close shave, their lives could have been cut short.

Take your comb and brush downwards through your hair, making sure you're doing so on the underside and not the top of your hair. Once your hair is prepped and ready, grab the section you want to tease and lift it up.

It’s a joke!!! TS: 4:45pm #teacher #tiktokteacher #teachersontiktok ♬ Quirky – Oleg Kirilkov.

Once you go bald, you never go back : (.

Share to Facebook. RT @Aoii_Hana: it’s funny how people are holding up the mario movie and zelda as examples of nintendo being some bastion of “anti-wokeness” meanwhile nintendo has put in characters with blue hair and pronouns for their last 3 jrpg releases straight.

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Jokes about hair are the most hair-larious thing you will read today! 1.


Lion with hair straighteners.

A kindergarten teacher keeping it real! We laughed out loud at her comparison of teachers pre pandemic vs. 20 May 2023 22:27:42. 21 May 2023 10:55:00.

I have never had straight hair. . . Funny Puns About Hair. #14: Short, Feminine, Fun, and Friendly.


Let your little one express herself and have fun with these best hairstyles for girls that are cute and easy. We get paid to cut people.


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30 January 2023.

Straight hair is an often coveted, universally flattering hair type.