Complete the top of the Financial Affidavit form and all the space on the form.

Documents: Affidavit of Service (5-2019).

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55-102 Control and management of oil and gas wells; unlawful acts, penalties; flaring, venting or use of gas permitted, when. Forms are easy to use and interactive. Sign this form.


—OIL AND GAS Article 1. . state law.

STATE OF KANSAS. This type of affidavit is used when you want to disclose information about yourself that may be relevant to a legal case.


Documents: KSA 58-4301 Motion & Affidavit (7-2005).

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a notary public).

In this Affidavit, the Affiant: States that the bid or proposal is genuine; States that the bid or proposal is not done in the interest or on behalf of any unnamed person; Certifies that the bidder has not conspired with or solicited another company to create a fake bid for.

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The person making the signed statement (affiant) takes an oath that the contents are, to the best of their knowledge, true. KANSAS DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE AFFIDAVIT TO A FACT www. KANSAS Department of.

6. Sign this form. § 45-215, et seq. Compensating Use Tax. . KANSAS DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE DIVISION OF VEHICLES www.


Judicial branch court forms. An affidavit is used in Kansas where a person states facts are true to the best of there knowledge.

Motor vehicle dealers and other retailers will find our Publication KS-1520, Kansas Exemption Certificates, very useful.



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